In Comoqué we believe in the people and in the capacity of collaborating to grow, we believe that the histories are to live them, not to tell them, we believe that the understanding between a client/agency is indispensable and we don’t believe in the formal work meetings, but in an ensemble daily work.

We like the mix, even though Sofie keeps being passionate about the pure chicory… and very, very hot.. .What do you drink? And the best part, When are we going together for it?

In the agency Comoqué we differentiate ourselves not for what we do , but how we do it, our experience and constant learning is always focused in always creating a solid leadership and credibility, in the inside of our company and with our clients.

Our main objective is the client’s satisfaction, that’s why our way of work and the one we believe in is to not feel like an isolated entity from our clients , but during the whole creation process we become one more with the marketing, communication departments… of our own clients.

We do our best effort to get to know them, learn from them, get to know their values, their philosfy… just in that way we can give the coherence and the proper focus of what’s expected from us.


  • There’s no second chance to give a first impression.
  • Illusion and professionalism.
  • Simple, coherent, original and honest communication.