“The small opportunities are the beginning of big companies” Demosthenes

Each event is different, has its own characteristics, that’s why in Comoqué we make the independent planning of each one of them, plan and execute everything until the last detail, giving sense to the next questions:

Where will it happen?

The answer will be obtained off the mix of the three previous elements, why, to whom and when.

We believe that the scenery is indispensable to get the assistance or the interest of clients. The sceneries must be attractive, offer something different.

Why is it done?

The first step is to sit, talk and explain to us the reason of that event that you’re looking for… unveiling a new product, maybe announce an existing one, consolidate employees or partners, reinforce the brand image…

With the answer of the why and for what, we can start to work, through the desired objective we design the event and everything around it.

How will it develop

We also take care of that!,  it’s here that we plan each one of the event elements, communication, development, expositions, activieties… we coordinate absolutely everything for a perfect execution.

When will it be executed

The date of implementation is vital according to the type of event, it gives us a base to know where we should move, what to propose… the different timelines for execution delimit a series of scenarios for the execution of them.

Who will assist of to whom is it targeted to

We already had the objective, now we need to know our target audience, it can be an active public or our company’s like employees or it can be whatever it’s searched to get new clients.

According to the objective and the public we draw a line so we can start to develop and propose ideas.

How much it’s going to cost

We can work in two ways, you tell us what do you want, we elaborate and create a budget or you tell us what do you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it… here our professionalism and experience enters the game. We couple the client’s requests to what they are able to pay, having little doesn’t mean doing it wrong and having a lot doesn’t mean that it has to be wasted.

Creamos e implementamos eventos tanto de comunicación interna como externa de las compañías, eventos como proyectos independientes o bien eventos enmarcados en el plan de comunicación de nuestros clientes

Road shows, tema building, reuniones de partners, lanzamientos de productos, eventos corporativos, ferias…